Is There An OpenOffice For Android?

Open source users enjoy using either the OpenOffice or the newer LibreOffice program on their PC as a way of breaking away from the Microsoft monopoly and avoiding having to pay out for the Microsoft Office license.

So, it is understandable for Android users, who have become accustomed to using these products to look for an OpenOffice Android app.

An OpenOffice app on Android would make sense since both Android and OpenOffice are both open source platforms. However, at this time an app by either OpenOffice or LibreOffice is not available.

But, there is an OpenOffice document reader available from the Android market. Known as OpenOffice Document Reader, the app can be downloaded without cost.

This app provides its users with the ability to read OpenOffice documents and is useful for those who have word processors or readers that will not open documents created in OpenOffice or LibreOffice. The app allows readers to view both.

At this time the app does not allow users to edit OpenOffice documents. The developer of the app has indicated that this ability may come later. Hopefully this functionality will be added sooner than later.

As far as an official app goes, there isn’t strong evidence to suggest an actual OpenOffice for Android app will be developed in the short term. OpenOffice was acquired by Oracle and that purchase slowed the enthusiasm of the open source developers who were working on the project. More recently however, OpenOffice was acquired from Oracle by the Apache Foundation and is showing a few signs of life with the release of version 3.4. It may still be a while though before they are able to release an official Android app.

There is good news however. After OpenOffice was acquired by Oracle, a group of OpenOffice developers started the previously mentioned LibreOffice. LibreOffice is a similar open source product that can also be used without cost. The developers of this program are working on a version of LibreOffice for Android.


When LibreOffice is released this site plans to feature a resource center dedicated to the app.

Also, until LibreOffice releases its official app, tablet users can access the full featured Web-based version of LIbreOffice from their Android. Read this article from this site's blog to find out details. (UPDATE NOVEMBER 2012: Regrettably, the service referenced in this article has gone out of business. Stay tuned to this site for news of any simmilar services as they are discovered.)

ANSWER: There isn't an OpenOffice app for Android.

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