Free Android Word Processor

Is There a Free Android Word Processor?

QUESTION: Is There a Free Android Word Processor?

The easy answer to this question is “yes!” Android users who do not want to pay out their hard earned money for an Android word processor do have a free option.

Several Android word processing apps may allow users to have either a free trial version or access to a version of the app that allows the user to read but not create or edit documents. For example, Docs to Go normally costs $14.99 from the Android market but does contain a free viewer version. ThinkFree costs $9.99 but also has a free view version. And, Quickoffice Connect provides a free seven day trial.

However, there is a way to have all of this functionality without paying for it and without having to worry about the expiration of a trial period.

Olive Office Basic and Olive Office Premium are both free products.

Olive Office Basic allows the user to read documents, spreadsheets, PowerPoint files and PDF files.

Olive Office Premium (also free, don’t let the premium throw you off) allows the creation of and editing of documents.

The Olive Office app has probably not been developed to the point where it can be considered as a strong competitior to the more advanced Android word processors such as Quickoffice or Docs to Go. And, there have been plenty of complaints on the Android market about various aspects of the app’s functionality (the overall rating is 3.9 at the time of this writing).

The app is designed for Android phones so don't expect a great user interface on your Android tablet.

However, it is hard to complain about something you don’t have to pay for. While it may not provide all of your need functionality it should allow for all of the basic word processing capabilities.

Expect the app to continue to evolve in the future and maybe, just maybe, the app will become a competitor to the more established Android word processor products.

After all, the developers are promising to release more features in later version and the premium version of the app has been recently updated.

Even if you don’t use the app now. Keep an eye out for Olive Office. Olive Office is available from Google Playt.

It may also be of benefit to review the blog post entitled “The Free Word Processor For Android” post that was posted on this site’s blog in April of 2012.

The makers of the Kingsoft word processor for Android have also now made their app available through Google Play without cost.

The Kingsoft app originated as an offshoot of a popular PC based word processor of the same name.

Read this article from the blog entitled Another Free Android Word Processor App for more information about Kingsoft.

You may also be interested in trying the very popular CloudOn app. CloudOn does not cost anything to use. It allows users to tap into a full featured web based version of Microsoft Word and subsequently save Word documents into popular cloud document hosting providers such as Dropbox and Google Drive.

While the very highly touted SoftMaker app has not yet been placed on the Google play store a free beta version may be downloaded from the SoftMaker site. It might be a good idea to download the free beta version now since it isn't clear how much this app will cost once it emerges from beta.

Finally, Google has developed an app for Android designed to interface with the web-based Google Docs service. Using this app, now known as Google Drive, writers may write or edit a document and subseqently access the document from the web address. From this site it is easy to download the document as a Word, Open Office or PDF document.

The Google Drive app provides the user with basic rich-text styling tools. Although, it is possible to style a document with a little more ease from the web-based docs portal after initially writing the text in the app. Google Docs may be downloaded from the Google Play store.

ANSWER: Yes - Olive Office, Kingsoft, CloudOn and Google Docs

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